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Siblings often build a strong relationship that draws attention from upbringing and childhood exposure.

For us, it has worked beautifully to bring together design knowledge and the power to accomplish.


Roped Design was founded in 2014, by Ashita W Talwar, who after having studied design worked with established designers in Delhi and took on to starting a firm that helps her express and paints her language of design.

Accompanied by her architect sister Arushi Wadhwa, the sisters took on big and small projects all over Delhi NCR and around, bagging projects that not just got them closer to their sync in Interior design, also confirmed their passion for the process of source-build and achieve.


It’s a different story and a different mood when creativity meets respect and that’s what happened as they displayed their creative products made out of unconventional pieces and took people by surprise what creativity could do.

The platform helped them connect with people with the same design ideologies and create magic!


Designers learn a bit about themselves with every project they invest themselves in, and that’s how they develop relationships and design ideologies.

At Roped Design we build and achieve both, spaces that belong to you and relationships that belong to us.


Married and settled in Delhi and Bangalore, they have now spread wings a little more, continuing to staying true to the process of source- build and achieve.


When not discussing layouts and design ideas, they’d be found discussing books, zero waste living healthcare and authentic Indian wear :)

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