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Welcome Home !

While life is a struggle and it’s filled with challenges, we spend a lifetime to buy that space we want to call


Why does everyone big or small want a space they own? Why doesn’t a rented space satisfy us?

Are we looking for authority? Or probably it’s the permanence?

Own house.

It gives a sense of comfort, no bills to pay, here to stay.

A nail on the wall, the dancing doll, crazy paint colors, or a simple wall. It’s all going to be how I like it.



To be who you are and how you are.

Clean neat, messy hoarded, overloaded, my choice, my house my rules.

Our clients have come back to us time and again with a bag full of dreams, wants treasures, beliefs, and budgets. And inevitably we’ve always given them a space that makes them feel like they’ve arrived. Accomplished.

We understand relationships, we understand budgets, we understand possibilities and we understand when you say ‘I want this’.

Ashita and Arushi, here for you, each one of you.

Along with creating spaces, we are now moving to create this smaller space for a better understanding of you and us.

Join us as we bring to you all that we think and work on.

Planning spaces, preparing meals, organizing a drawer, cleaning walls, we shall take you through it all.

Ashita a mother of two.

She has a 2.5-year-old daughter and 6 months, old son.

Passionate about motherhood and design.

Arushi is newlywed, to a new culture and to a new city, and is in love with the newness of both.

Let us take you through our lives, projects, aspirations, beliefs, and imagination.

How we bring things together, what we do, how we do it as we grow.

While this is a first, stay tuned for more!

Lots more :)

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